Fitness Center Information

Our fitness center is equipped with weight machines for all muscle groups as well free weights that include dumb bell sets up to 100 lbs.  We also have two treadmills, two ellipticals and a stationary bike. Locker rooms are also on the premises free of charge but it is recommended that you bring your own lock.

Membership Fees:      

            Term               Individual                  Cost per Additional Family Member

            6 mos             $100                           

            3 mos             $65                            

            1 day pass       $7

Fitness Center Rules:

            WATER ONLY!  No food of other drinks are allowed.

            NO LOITERING

            PLEASE be courteous to others at all times

            NO PROFANITY or horse play at any time

            WIPE DOWN all equipment after each use.  Antibacterial wipes are provided.

            REMOVE ALL WEIGHTS from bars and return them to their proper place.

            RETURN DUMBELLS to the rack after use

            ONLY PERSONAL MUSIC DEVICES with earphones are allowed

            NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 is allowed in the fitness center without an adult.

            NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 15 is allowed in the fitness center at any time.

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